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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Recent Card

I have never blogged from an iPhone so just trying this out. Anyway this is a recent wedding card I made.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


This prompt for Explore was all about Maps .... finding them, being inspired by them and creating with them.  So for this prompt I printed off a circular map, covered it in cardstock, stuck some photos of the family on the back of it ( and yes 'Bruce' is family) and embellishments. 

On the next page I printed off a few quotes and scrapbooked a photo of my son winning a football final.  That was his journey with his team, who had their ups and downs, fought hard and eventually they got to their destination!


It has been a while since I posted anything on the blog - but I have been busy - very busy.  September I always find can be quite chaotic, kids back at school and trying to get back into some type of a routine.  I have been busy playing along with Explore and now Learn Something New Every Day with Shimelle.  I also took part in Big Picture Classes and 'Words to Live by'.    Anyway here are a couple of pages from my Explore playbook:

This page included a few prompts - Adventure,  and sending a postcard to yourself.  For Aventure I used a photo of myself and Chloe on a rollercoaster ride when we were in Disneyland.  I just don't do Rollercoasters!!  But Chloe wanted to go on it so much but wouldn't go without me - so off I had to go.  And you know it wasn't too bad.  Loved the idea of sending a postcard to yourself.  Shimelle talks about "I want to remember this - like going on a holiday, experiencing a land part event in Life or something noteworthy is happening on a golbal scale, grab a postcard and write it down.  Then by posting it, you'll get a postmark with the date and location".