My Couple of Words

Monday, July 18, 2011


I've just finished an on-line photography course, Beautiful People with Cheryl over at Feelgood Photos (I will do a blog post later on it) and I am now starting an on-line course with Shimelle called Explore.

Explore, is a new on-line scrapbooking class which starts today and runs for 4 weeks with prmpts Monday through Friday.

Explore includes:
  • 20 full colour PDF prompts
  • 4 tutorial videos
  • a printable workbook
  • a bonus printable minibook
  • a private message board
  • full, permanent access to all class materials.

Really looking forward to getting started on this project, here's hoping I will finish it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 things on the 10th........

So over on Shimelle's Blog today is 10 things on the 10th.  When the New Year started this year I vowed not to make any New Year resolutions, instead I set a few 'goals'!  I just feel goals are bit more flexible.   Resolutions are made and then broken, goals I feel are ongoing - you can't really fail.  So my goals for this year included the usual stuff - being healthy and losing some weight, getting fit, spending more time with family and friends, learning more about photography, more time to scrapbook, to enjoy life and to start a blog.  So I felt this was an appropriate post after reading Katie the Scrapbook Lady's post where she talked about July being halfway through the year.  So what better time to focus on these goals again.  So here are my 10 goals for the rest of the year:

  • focus on the good things
  • being healthy
  • getting fit
  • spending time with family
  • spending time with Friends
  • learning more about photography
  • more time to scrapbook
  • learning to slow down and relax
  • keep developing blog
  • not to sweat the small stuff!

So there are my 10 things on the 10th this month.  What are your 10 things this month?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crazy Days of Summer


The theme over at Project Alicia this week is Light.  I took this picture a few weeks ago and I loved the light, does it fall into the category of Backlight and/or Sunflare?  Anyway I also used this for another challenge, so I'm getting a bit lazy.  Anyway have a look at everybody else's pictures, some of them are stunning.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge ......Day 30

Self Portrait

Ok this in the final prompt of the 30 Day Photography Challenge over at White Peach Photography and of course I am late with it.  Oh how I hate self portraits but it is one good way of learning.  I took it holding an old film Canon camera belonged to my Uncle who has passed away and a laminated copy of the 30 Day Challange.  Can't believe I have actually taken part in a photography challenge and went on to complete it.  O.k. I ran out of steam near the end of it but better late than never.  When starting out I felt well I'll give it a go - I'm great for starting things but when it comes to completing them, now that's a different story.  Anyway thoroughly enjoyed this challenge run by Mary over at White Peach Photography.  Why don't you have a look at everybody else's Self Portraits.