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Friday, June 10, 2011

10 things.....

10THINGS  on the 10th of every month is a new monthly blogging event over on for participants of Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers.  This challenge is to create a post about things, which can include, 10 photos of your day, 10 things you made this month, 10 things that inspired you - anything once it is 10 things on the tenth of each month.  Anyway I signed up for Shimelle's e-course, Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers, printed off the pdfs and was already to start but just couldn't get going, so this time I intend getting more involved.  I love photography and I feel I have so much to learn.  One of the things I keep seeing everywhere is that the only way you are going to learn is to practice, practice and more practice.  So I decided to join a photography challenge (or two).  The one I am participating in now is a 30 Day Photography Challenge over on White Peach Photography.  Every day you are given a prompt to take a photo.  Anyway today is the 10th day of the challenge so I'm going to include the 10 photos I have taken so far.  The prompts included:

Day1: Self Portrait....
Day2: What you wore today....
Day3: Clouds....
Day 4: Something Green....
Day 5:  From a high angle....
Day 6: From a low angle....
Day 7:  Fruit....
Day 8:  A bad habit....
Day 9:  Someone you love....
Day 10: Childhood memory....

10 things!


  1. love your list and the pics to go with it, especially the apple one, fab xo

  2. I also think the apple shot is fab! Great list of topics to photograph.

  3. lovely~and the pic's are great!!

  4. What great photography prompts!

  5. @nikki

    Thanks for your lovely comment, Nikki. I had a look over on your blog and I loved your list of 10 places to visit. Trish:)

  6. @Ruth

    Thanks Ruth - I loved your photos of the 10 landmarks of London. Trish :)

  7. @Connie

    thanks Connie, love your vintage goodies.

  8. @Rebekah

    thanks Rebekah - I've 20 more to go and enjoying it. Trish :)

  9. All of your 30 day challenge photos are wonderful. I'm glad to hear you have reluctant photography models (children) too :)

  10. They look great as a collage - work really well together - well done :0)

  11. Great to see your photos, I chose to do exactly the same as you for this! I think you have great photography skills.

  12. Awesome photos, looks like a fun challenge:)

  13. Great photos. The strawberries look so yummy! Cute apple heart too.