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Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge.....Day 11

Something Blue!

Here's my 'something blue' for today.  The last time I was in New York with my daughter we took a trip to Tiffany's.  Well we had to get something to remember the trip by.  Anyway I love my Tiffany bracelet and the lovely little blue boxes that their jewerly comes in - so I had to keep it!  Why don't you go on over to White Peach Photography to have a look at everybody else's 'Something Blue'.


  1. I love my Tiffany boxes too... I can't stand the thought of getting rid of them, so instead they sit empty at the top of my closet. :)

  2. A beautiful box always makes the jewellery even more special.

  3. @Jess

    Thanks Jess, for your lovely comment.