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Friday, August 3, 2012

AHC Syndrome........

On Saturday, my husband will be taking part in a 100k Charity Cycle to raise funds for Friends of AHC Syndrome Ltd.

Meet 20 month old Tadhg Carroll from Doon, Co Offaly. Tadhg is literally one in a million! He has been diagnosed with a condition called Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) which is estimated to occur in roughly 1 in 1,000,000 births.

A group of friends and neighbours of the Carroll family have joined forces to support Tadhg and his parents. We have formed FRIENDS OF AHC SYNDROME CO. LTD., a company founded with the purpose of generating funds that will directly support the Carroll’s in securing the best possible quality of life for Tadhg. Finances raised will also support a new Irish Branch of the AHC Foundation, an international organisation founded by, and comprising of, parents of children like Tadgh.

AHC is a rare neurological disorder in which repeated attacks of paralysis occur. Children with AHC exhibit a wide range of symptoms. These include lack of coordination when performing voluntary movements, eye disorders, developmental delays, and seizures. Every person with AHC is unique, and they can be mildly or severely affected. However, as children get older developmental problems between episodes become more apparent. These developmental problems may include difficulties in fine and gross motor function, cognitive function, speech and language, and even social interactions. Early intervention for such children is extremely important.

AHC's primary fundraiser is a 100km Charity Cycle on Saturday 4th August that takes cyclists through west Offaly and south Westmeath, beginning and ending in Doon. Each of the 200 cyclists must raise a minimum of €200 in sponsorship funds.


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