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Sunday, August 5, 2012

People Pictures........

In this book, photographer Chris Orwig offers 30 photographic exercises to renew your passion for capturing the people in your world. This is not a traditional portrait photography book. The goal isn’t flattery, but connection and depth. Whether you are a student, busy parent, or seasoned pro photographer, these exercises provide an accessible framework for exploration and growth.

With titles like: Be Quiet, Turn the Camera Around, and the Fabric of Family, each of the 30 exercises encourages you to have fun and experiment at your own pace. With step-by-step instructions and using natural light, you will explore everything from street, lifestyle, candid, and environmental shots. The projects are small artistic endeavors meant to change how you see and the pictures that you make. All that’s required is a camera, an intrepid attitude, curiosity, and some imagination.

Two members of Clickin Moms, Dawn and Christy have now set up a private Facebook Page for members of Clickin Moms who are interested in working through these 30 photographic exercises.  We will be able to submit and share our assisgnments.  So I'm hoping that this will motivate me to get out there and try and take more pictures.

The first assisgnment - Pictures in 10 minutes.

You have to select a subject who is an acquaintance, family member, or a friend.  I decided to select my darling hubby - who loves having his photo taken!!!!  I feel that was a challenge in itself.  The idea of this assisgnment is going back to basics - using manual focus, choose an f-stop with a shallow depth of field and keep it simple.

So here's a few of my attempts:


  1. Very nice, I like these and the soft background is lovely. Sounds like a great book, I could use something like that to help me learn how to take portrait photos!

  2. Thanks Eadaoin for your lovely comment. Love this book and the fact at the end of each chapter there are assignments to be completed. I find that these type of books are great for making you get out and practice what you learn.